How does the E-learning platform work?

Once the course is payed (see Payment methods and sign in), you will receive an E-mail with a user and a password. With the user and the password you can log in to our E-learning platform.

When are the classes delivered?

Classes are in audiovisual format but also many of them are supported with written material. Each class has a duration of an hour approximately.

How much time do I have to take the course?

You’ll have 58 consecutive days to take the course that you’ll receive in your email with the access information.
IMPORTANT: if by any chance that day you could not log in, you must inform it so that we can solve the problem. The extension of the days to take the course is not granted. Consequently, once you send us the email with the payment proof you have to take into account that you’ll have your access to the course in 24 hours and from that moment onwards, your 58 days are running.

Who will answer my questions and enquires?

The teacher will answer you from the email all your questions in 24 hours.

Will I get a certificate that proves the taking of the course?

From the ending of the course. you’ll have to answer the learning questionnaire if you want to get the certificate (available in the last module/class). Once finished, you should send it to us. Your teacher will correct it and as soon as we have the feedback, you’ll get your digital Diploma. They are certified by In White School and the Director (Lic. María Medina Yráizoz)

Can I take the courses from another country?
That is our idea! We want to transmit our knowledge to all Latin America and Spain. To know experiences from our students click here.

Which are the payment methods?

You’ll find this information in Buy, Payment methods and sign in. Also clicking here.

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