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Course description
Professional modeling, face-to-face course
Aims: it raises your self-esteem, develops your personality and increases your self-confidence, benefiting you in any profession or activity you work on. You’ll get to know the tips and secrets of the fascinating modeling world.

Module 1: Casting
Presentation before cameras for all kinds of castings, publicities, tv, cinema.

Graphic (photography)
For all kinds of campaigns, publicitary graphics, adverts, catalogues and publishing houses).

Practice from the making of a personal book, polaroid ( material useful for the sending of the material). Established practice (Clothing campaigns, publishing notes, graphic publicity). The course works with theory and practice (publicity agencies, marketing and communication agencies, publicitary brief, target audience, etc. Trends on poses,designers, national and international publishing houses. (Evaluation and return of the material).

Module 2
Personal image. Self make-up, basic wardrobe, types of clothing according to the casting profile and work to do. Colour, oratory.
In this seminar you work with our Image adviser and students of our school working in a teamwork in which every student is oriented to get the perfect image in terms of age and aesthetics.

Module 3. Ceremonial and protocol.
General guideline of behaving in castings, interviews, everyday work. Behaviour, verbal and non-verbal language. Etiquette rules. How to dress in every occasion.

Module 4. Runaway

Runaway techniques, posture, types of turns, types and ways of walking, corporal expression and acting.
Commercial runaways, national and international runaways.
Rhythmical and choreography. Back tage and changes of outfits. You will work with different outfits, choreography, timing and real fashion show dynamics, camera and tv. Evaluation- Fashion show simulation in real time.

Legal and commercial
Types of contracts, Image uses, associations and unions that could represent you, billings. Parents of the under age( under 18 years old) will be present.,
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The training includes: certificate, agencies’ contact, casting agencies, TV production agencies to send the material.
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Reduced capacity: 10/14 students maximum.