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Protocol, Image & Good Manners

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General information of the course:

            Access 24 hrs/ 7 days of the week. You decide when to study with total flexibility.

            You have access to all the modules of the course from the day you pay the course for a period of 58 days in a row so that you watch the classes again as many                                 times as you want.

         Learn from the comfort of your home, saving time and money.

          You can watch every class/ video over and over again, download written information, play the games and do the homework at your own pace.

          Our teachers answer to your questions immediately.

           After answering the final learning questionnaire, we will grant you a certified diploma by In White School.

              You only require internet connection.

             We have students from all parts of the world.


In ower online Protocol, Image and Good Manners program you will learn at your own peace:


Greetings: Greeting is a protocol action we perform everyday. It’s part of the non-verbal language we speak through our personal image and manners. The imprtance of eye contact and smile.

Punctuality: reflects interests and responsibility. Unpunctuality reflects a lack of empathy and it makes people angry. How to be always puntual.

Telephone protocol.

Right email usage.

Business cards. Business cards are extensions of your personal image and of your company.

Bad working habits: 

Good working habits.

Body language and proxemics.

Physical image for executive women.

Right posture, body language and how we should sit and walk.

Protocol for business meals.

Protocol in the table.

Phrases you should never say.

Gestures and body language.

Image and the importance of perception.

Right mobile phone usage.

Public image in social networks.

Proffesional Etiquette: Nails. Tattoos. Wallets. Shirts. Types of watches to wear.

Emotional intelligence.

How to socialize.

Praises and compliments.

The art of talking.

How to criticise constructively.

How to deal with angry customers.